"Chifa" video, Wa Lok, Lima 2014. 90min
Project carried out with art students from the Universidad Catolica, Corriente Alterna, Bellas Artes and el Centro de la Imagen. The proposal was to talk about the success in the careers of young artists who belong to the Lima art scene and compare with students that are studying art at the moment. Guests: Diego Reano, Christian Inga, Adrián Alcocer, Sachiko Kobayashi, Diana Solís, Carolina Estrada, Patricia Villanueva, Santiago Roose, Ivanna Ferrer, Sylvia Fernandez, Diego Lama, Fernando Gutierrez (Huanchaco), Eliana Otta

fernando gutierrez

diana solis

diego lama

ivana ferrer

diego reaño

christian inga

adrian alcocer

alberto ganoso

sachiko kobayashi

alice wagner 

natalia gutierrez

patricia villanueva

eliana otta

santiago roose

sylvia fernandez

carolina estrada

danitza autero

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